Artist Partnership Agreement

Below is the artist partnership agreement. Our intent is to enter into a mutually beneficial business relationship to create a revenue stream of the sales of a series of re-created works by you by working closely on a process to then automate this process. We can then offer these works at an affordable price to our customers.

Once this agreement is made it becomes binding in perpetuity. The artist can continue selling his work as usual and continue selling your own original works and working with any dealer you choose on anything ACCEPT what has been agreed upon in our partnership agreement.

Please read it very carefully prior to agreeing. Let us know if you have any questions.

This agreement does not guarantee we will ever make you money, but once it is in place we will be able to add you to our platform and get started working together on designing, producing and marketing the artwork covered by the agreement.

This artist partnership agreement is a contract between (You) the artist and Tribeca Art Factory to partner with us to create a process to recreate a variation of your work for sale in our affordable works gallery. Once a work is selected we will brainstorm to create a process that will allow us to re-create your artwork using stencils, screen-printing and or a combination of other methods. Our goal is to create variations on a work ofyour art that once approved can be signed by you and sold at an affordable price. We will work with you to determine the best price of the works so they sell regularly. By entering into this partnership the artist gives full rights to Tribeca Art Factory on the process we create and the artist is forbidden from replicating this process to re-create and sell any of their other works outside of Tribeca Art Factory.
The artist agrees to a standard non disclosure agreement stating the following: The artist is not to disseminate information about our process we use to create unless consulting an attorney to review the agreement or an approved producer who must understand the process in order to produce the artwork. The artist is also forbidden from using this process to create works with other artists.
Once we have entered into the partnership agreement. Tribeca Art Facory will work with you to create a process to recreate a work or works of art by you to sell at affordable prices. All verbal, email and other communication about creating this proprietary process to re-create these works of art for sale becomes the legal description that is protected under our non-disclosure this agreement and all applicable provisions of this agreement.
The work produced in our process may only be sold at Tribeca Art Factory website or physical location or an affiliate of Tribeca Art Factory. The work maybe sold in the artists studio. Sales must be logged and we split profits from the sales with the artist 50/50.
The artist may discontinue sales at any time however, the artist may not sell any works using this process outside of Tribeca Art FActory The Artist agrees that full rights to this specific process we use to create the works of art are sole property of Tribeca Art Factory. If sales are discontinued by either partner, the rights to sell these woks created using this process still remain with Tribeca Art Factory in perpetuity.
Once we have successfully hit a benchmark of $1000 in sales. The artist agrees to donate to Tribeca Art Factory two of the pieces from the affordable series for our private collection. This same rule applies should we re-create a new series of works based on a different piece and hit the same benchmark in sales.
Artist *
The following is an agreement between the Artist and Tribeca Art Factory and constitutes a binding agreement once submitted.