The Collaborators : Artists

In 2016, We have had an amazing line up of guest artists perform in our event! From well respected established street artists Ellis Gallagher, Joeseph Meloy and Hatecave (Joe Brennan) as well as rising local stars Eddy Bogaert, Aaron Friedman and Connie Rose...Emerging Russian Artists's Marina Lizorkina and Anton Vitkovskiy have created spectacular pieces during our Live art event and continue to produce works in our affordable the gallery as well as obscure but very talented Francis Christie and Brazilian Murah Lemos.

We continue to search for and showcase a different talented artist in our Live Art Event on Friday nights!

Big bang, Evolution and finale

Each cycle consists of a selection of a dream team of 3 artists selected to paint live in our Friday night events. A specific order is determined and artists are scheduled to paint on their respective events. Over the course of 3 weeks, each artist takes their turn adds to a single masterpiece.

Week #1 Big Bang:

The first artist in the sequence will paint live starting off of a blank canvas. Over the 4 hour event our guests mingle and add input to the piece as it is created.

Week #2 Evolution:

The second artist in the sequence will paint live to add to the work of art. What choices will they make. How will they work with what the previous artist made before? Will they leave room for the other artist to create? Lots of questions are answered and many more are created during Evolution.

Week #3 Finale:

The burden to consider for the other two artists lays on the hands of the brave artist who is set in the finale. They must consider what they want to leave behind from the other two artists or just prime that canvas and make something all their own.

We find out a lot about the third artist in the finale. Ultimately that artist needs to finish the masterpiece!

The Collaborators concept was dreamed and conceived by Artists Adriane and Anthony Frattin. They are simply asking themselves the question of what is art? The Collaborators is their answer. Since each individual artist has their own process, they have selected from among the most dedicated artists to participate in the project to tell their individual story of their art and their motivation. Its' not only a fun spot to take a date on a Friday night but it's a valuable educational experience as well as a place to discover and re-discover their favorite living artists. 

TriBeCa Art Factory also continues to support artists by donating their studio space to the artists who have participated in the project.