Do you want to blow your clients away with a live art experience?

We have several different amazingly talented artists that we can choose from that will create a masterpiece before your eyes...or create a more interactive experience and create a group mural while being directed by a talented local artist.  

Our capacity ranges from 10 - 65 people. We have a smaller room for events that are more intimate (less than 25 people) or we can utilize our whole space to make room for a larger event. Our space is ideal to create a successful social dynamic to make a personal connection with your clients, partners and co-workers.

Depending on the exact needs of your particular guests' experience you are going for, we will pair your with a brilliant and charismatic artist to make a work of fine art while your event is happening.

"Wow! These guys know how to throw an event! Very welcoming and organized at the door... These guys are bring hosting back! Great art. Great music. Great people. Great vibes." -Elliot Garlock

Read the full review and other guest experiences here.

List of services we provide for our events:

  • Live Art - We will select a talented artist that will paint at your event!
  • Catering - we will plan the menu for your event, can do a full dinner or small bites
  • Mixologist - craft specific menu of drinks for your event
  • Photogrpahy - to beautifully capture the event
  • Interior Designer to create the theme for your event
  • DJ - Our DJ will provide your event with a soundtrack
  • MC and Comedian(s) - We have a very special talented MC works with some of the most talented comedians in NYC. 
  • additional services available by request

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