An Homage to my Graffiti roots

Affordable paintings on canvas - NOT PRINTS ! -  by Ellis Gallagher. Extremely rare opportunity!

This deal is set to expire on Sunday! These prices will not be offered again!

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This rare event and purchase opportunity gives the public an immersive look at an artist who has been changing the way we see street art over the past 3 decades. He is most known as the Chalk Shadow artist and became publicized nearly a decade ago gracing the Cover of Time out NYC and the Subject of an Emmy award winning documentary on his battle with the NYPD where he sued them for 5 Million dollars for wrongful arrest. Despite going on to have great commercial success and being featured in Banky's street art movie 'Exit through the Gift Shop', Mr. Gallagher has been hard at work working double time as an art curator at 17 Frost St. in Williamsburg as well as working on multiple ongoing art projects. How does he do it? You have the opportunity to ask him yourself at the event. He will be creating live at the event followed by a Q and A at the break midway through.

What's The Deal?

There are 12 works in progress that will be available at 80% of what the regular prices are! Paintings go on sale on Thursday, Janruary 14th at 7pm and we will continue selling through the event on Friiday January 15th until the conclusion of the event at Midnight

In the spirit of Tribeca Art Factory, Ellis Gallagher has agreed to do a one-off series of paintings that will be sold at incredibly low prices.

"For me, The Collaborators, Live Art Show is about bringing accessible art to people. It's all about going out and getting to know the artist and find out what that artist truly stands for. This is not about making money for me. It's about making art."

This art is for private collection only.

Will I get the exact painting in the photo?

These photos only depict the works in progress. The artist will finish the pieces live during the second half of the event.

Each buyer can specify which piece they would like from this photo below. You will be selected at random during the Q and A that will be streaming worldwide, live on periscope @liveartnyc

Whoever does not get selected to the get exact piece on exhibit will receive an original signed work on canvas from this series. The artist will produce these works to order from this one time only art investment opportunity. The art he will make will be similar to the one you selected. Please allow 2-3 weeks minimum for production.

All work will be signed by the artist. On the back of the piece you can request a special inscription. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity in the mail with your purchase.

- homage to graffiti -


Paintings in progress by Ellis Gallagher - Documented by Anthony Frattin.

In this series of paintings, street artist Ellis Gallagher goes back to his roots to give a rare unfiltered look at his past as graffiti artist. These paintings show the different types of ornamentation that is used around a graffiti tag. This ornamentation is used to make the tag more noticeable to a passer by. The symbols used are different incarnations of arrows, stars and exclamation points to grab the viewer's attention.

On the surface, these may just seem like simplistic nonsensical doodles but when you understand what the concept is, you will be hard pressed to walk down any NYC street and not notice the use of these symbols everywhere by a subculture of writers. You can appreciate the most clever examples of the use of this ornamentation and then you may start to see a pattern of tags out on the street. He also wants people to understand that every writer is competing to get their tag on the best spot and have a signature look and craft all of this just to stand out so you will see their tag. We can't always get the best spot so we have to take more risks and climb up buildings, trestles and risk falling or being arrested.  

Now, you will know what it means and have a better understanding of your surroundings.

Once again, Ellis Gallagher changes the how the public sees our everyday urban environment. Last decade, Ellis did this with shadow tracings made as a nod to street art and won a legal battle with police about unlawfully arresting him for writing on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Now he pays homage to his Graffiti roots. Essentially graffiti is about putting your name on a wall and communicating to other artists and the community using a specific style that is designed to stand out from the crowd.

At some point, an artist becomes associated with the work they do that gains the most publicity. In Ellis's case it is his sidewalk chalk shadow tracings. This is the reason I've named this piece Stepping out of the Shadows.

- Anthony Frattin, Co-founder - Tribeca Art Factory

About Ellis Gallagher?

Below are some helpful links to some interviews of Ellis Gallagher's recent projects and press about him and projects he has been on. He was also featured in Banksy's hit documentary "Exit through the Giftshop". He was also featured on the cover of Time Out NYC in 2008 and is currently the head Curator of 17 Frost Street Gallery in Williamsburg.

LInks to Ellis Gallagher