Tribeca art factory chats with Hatecave about collaborating on our show.

Audio interview: Listen to a raw, unedited conversation with Artist, Hatecave two days prior to painting in The Collaborators: Live Art Show. Warning: The interview is totally raw and 30 minutes, we had no time to edit this...for an art lover this is pure gold!

Tip: Look at the image on the homepage of the painting Started by Ellis Gallagher and evolved by Murah Lemos we are referring to in the interview.

Available works:

Eternal Damnation #1 24" x 24"

Acrylic on canvas.

Eternal Damnation #2

Acrylic on Canvas

Eternal Damnation #3 8" x 8"

Acrylic on Board

Eternal Damnation #4 30" x 40"

Acrylic on Canvas

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